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OCG Aviation

OCG Aviation delivers independent solutions encompassing strategic, commercial, financial, and technical operations. We resolve technical issues and help businesses make strategic decisions.

We are driven here by years of experience and hard work in the aviation industry. Our services are spanned worldwide and our rich network of contacts has helped us form alliances with completion centers worldwide that have further enabled us to easily handle small to large aircraft such as Dassault Falcon and Boeing 747.


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Why OCG Aviation?

Our Vision is to protect you, keep your businesses running, and ensuring your future.

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OCG Aviation

AIRCRAFT Portfolio

Our extensive portfolio contains a variety of renowned aircraft from Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Bombardier, Tupolev, Embraer, Cessna, and Learjet.

Transport passengers from one place to another.
VIP, Private
In it, the aircraft services are offered in more personalized way.
Air Cargo
It also transports consumer goods in tones and live stocks.
In it, the aircraft services are offered in more customized way.

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What People Think About Us

“I feel happy to be a part of the OCG Aviation Training Program. They gave me a platform to learn wholeheartedly and with all my passion. I highly recommend it. You guys made flight learning super fun.”

Henry Watson Trainee

“These people are always serious about their jobs. OCG team always reports on time. It’s been quite a while now, I have been availing of their maintenance services. They are great.”

Jhony Mauris Client

“The best flight school in Canada. Friendly environment and skillful learning. Thank You OCG Aviation for being the best learning place.”

Samuel Trainee

“Financing made easy is well proven by OCG Aviation. OCG Aviation offers a simple process for aircraft financing. Also, their finance personnel explains everything in detail and with patience.”

Nathan Arata Client

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