Aviation training

Aviation Training

We are 100% committed to providing the highest quality aviation training. With our domestic and international network partners, we proudly offer 

And other aviation-related training. We guarantee a supportive and friendly learning environment with extremely motivating instructors. 


Pilot Training

Our training curriculum is respected all around the world. We also accept international students for this training. We open your door to your career as a commercial pilot as we provide both entry-level and advance level Commercial Pilot Training. You will also be given an introductory flight. Contact us to know more.

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Onboard Crew Training

OCG Aviation smartly offers this exciting and challenging career opportunity where you can learn to carry a high degree of responsibility on your shoulders. Young professionals looking to get a head start are welcomed.  Training areas we focus upon:

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Technical Training

We also provide basic aeronautics training to educate about regulations, safety, meteorology, and flight planning. Courses may also teach students to fly a plane and educate them on how the weather affects aircraft operations; an aviation technology program cover aircraft engines, electrical systems, and structures.

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Ground Training

We provide general ground training for those looking to proceed with their career in the aviation industry. Get connected to know more.

We possess the newest fleet that allows you to be trained and then work in the best environment.
100% Newest Fleet
This fact proves that you'll be
at the academy that supplies the world's airlines with the best pilots.
13.500+ Pilots
Advanced training makes us going on the leading edge owing to the State-of-the-art equipment.
Professional Simulators
As a fully accredited flight academy,
we have built our name an reputation
for over 25 years.
Fully Accredited & Securs


What Our clients are Saying

“I feel happy to be a part of the OCG Aviation Training Program. They gave me a platform to learn wholeheartedly and with all my passion. I highly recommend it. You guys made flight learning super fun.”

Henry Watson Trainee

“These people are always serious about their jobs. OCG team always reports on time. It’s been quite a while now, I have been availing of their maintenance services.”

Jhony Mauris Client

“The best flight school in Canada. Friendly environment and skillful learning. Thank You OCG Aviation for being the best learning place.”

Samuel Trainee

“Financing made easy is well proven by OCG Aviation. OCG Aviation offers a simple process for aircraft financing. Also, their finance personnel explains everything in detail and with patience.”

Nathan Arata Client