Posted time June 28, 2023 Job type Full-time

OCG AVIATION INC, is in the process of expanding its horizon by acquiring an operating charter business aircraft airline. OCG Aviation Inc. requires a highly experienced dynamic and passionate professional with strong operational, financial, and commercial background, to be hired full time as Head of Global Business Development and Market Planning department. This position shall be the focal position to implement the business development and market expansion strategy for OCG Aviation Inc. globally, with specific interest in Asia, Middle East and Africa regions.

The ideal candidate is required to share a passion for reshaping OCG Aviation Inc. business and bring it to stand in the league of successful business aircraft carriers. The successful candidate will also be expected to have excellent people management and communication skills with a ‘can do’ attitude.


Possess a graduate degree from a well- reputed institute.


• Minimum 25 years of working experience in aviation sector preferably international airlines of repute and working with international government, hospitality and business organizations.
• Minimum of 10 years’ experience in senior professional and corporate head position in relevant professional areas including inter- alia, fleet planning, aircraft leasing, schedules planning, marketing planning, contract administration etc.
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience of working in South Asian, Middle Eastern, Central Asian States and African passenger and cargo aviation markets.
• Having an established world-wide network in Airline industry including leasing and financial companies.


• Fluency in speaking & writing English, South Asian Languages with working knowledge of Arabic, Persian and Hindi Languages. Some knowledge of Bengali or other regional languages will be desirable.


• Sales & Marketing. Strategic & Fleet planning. Financial planning. Strategic management.
• Leadership qualities and ability to steer the organization towards success and growth.

Candidate must have attended the:

• Airline Executive course.
• Air Transport planning courses.
• Market Development courses.
• Strategic Management, Problem Solving & Decision making.


The selected candidate shall be responsible to envision, lead and encourage the efforts of the organization towards achieving overall business objectives. The position requires devising corporate strategies, formulating growth plans and ensuring maximum returns for the company. Laying a foundation to achieve long term’s benefits through strategic business development policy making and continuous improvement for future development of organization. Ensure that the organization business plans, as agreed by the company board, are fully, promptly and properly implemented. Fostering a culture of best practices, work ethics and zero tolerance for corruption. Aligning established business and marketing policies, procedures and work practices with specific market’s requirements to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in all areas.


Indoctrinate systems leading to the production of detailed plans and allocated budgets for business development and marketing department and supporting functions that are required throughout the system. To be fully aware of all customer services, safety and service quality requirement and to be responsible for the outcomes and findings of all internal & external safety/ quality audits.


Develop and maintain the reputation and image of the OCG Aviation Inc. in official, financial, marketing, and public circles and represent OCG Aviation Inc. at official functions. Also develop and maintain relationships with interfacing international government agencies, Regulatory bodies and other international leasing agencies. Ensure that OCG Aviation Inc. interests are appropriately represented on the platforms of joint venture and high image of OCG Aviation Inc. at all relevant media forms.


Successful candidate will be offered market-based salary and fringe benefits as approved by the OCG Aviation Inc. board of directors.